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By discovering the vineyard of T-Oinos, planted at the top of the island of Tinos with a density of 10 000 ungrafted plants per hectare, in the middle of giant granite rocks, we immediately understand that we are in presence of an exceptional terroir.

The terroir

Located north of the Cyclades, this vineyard refreshed with a constant breeze and the Mediterranean climate of the Aegean Sea, is planted on clay-sandy soils with some granite plots. A unique, almost mystical place.

The estate

T-Oinos was created in 2002 by Alexandre Avatangelos and Gérard Margeon, with the collaboration of Michalis Tzanoulinos (viticulture), Thànos Gèorgilas (winemaking) and Stéphane Derenoncourt (consulting).

The vineyard

The vineyard is divided into four plots. Stegasta (8 ha): sandy and granite soils. Rasonas (2.3 ha): sandy, granite and clay soils. Agios Dimitrios (1.5 ha) and Sparveri (0.25 ha): sandy and granite soils, with a touch of clay.

The wines

The estate has four emblematic grape varieties from Greece: Assyrtiko and Malagousia (white), Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis (red), mainly planted on sandy and granite soils, between 300 and 460 meters above sea level.

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