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When you walk in the Sonberk's vineyard, facing Mount Pálava and the Thaya river, you feel all the energy and magic that emanate from this place and make it one of the most fascinating terroirs of Central Europe for the production of great white wines.

The terroir

South/South-West exposure and poor soils composed of marine sediments and limestone. Ideal for grape varieties such as Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Pálava or even Chardonnay.

The estate

The winery owes its name to Sonnberg hill, at the foot of which it is planted, which means "the sunny hill". Its vineyard faces Mount Pálava and plunges into the Thaya river.

The vineyard

Sonberk maintains the biodiversity of its vineyard, where different plants are cultivated between the rows of vines to maintain a natural balance. Everything is worked exclusively by hand.

The wines

Located on the 48th parallel north, Sonberk benefits from exceptional conditions for the production of precise, vibrant and mineral white wines made from Pálava, Riesling, Sémillon and Chardonnay grape varieties.

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