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Kyperounda, one of the highest vineyards in Europe, is a model of finesse and elegance.

The terroir

With an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, this terroir made of shale and loess soils is fantastic for the production of fine wines.

The estate

Founded in the late 90s, Kyperounda is owned by more than 40 shareholders. The cellar is built on three levels, in order to take advantage of the gravity to move the grape juice in the most gentle way possible.

The vineyard

The winery, located in the region of Pitsilia, is fantastic for the production of fine and fresh wines. A combination of low yields and cool nights - unique in the country - make Kyperounda one of Cypriot wine jewels. 

The wines

Special mention for the Commandaria (100% Xynisteri). A type of sweet white wine unique in Cyprus, elaborated at the foot of the Troodos massif, with an amber color and aromas of resin, pine, dried fruits and nuts.

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