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Brkić Estate

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The Brkic estate is a rare gem! We fell in love with this confidential 3-hectares vineyard cultivated in biodynamics and which has built its reputation on two superb endemic grape varieties: Žilavka (white) and Blatina (red).

The terroir

Located in Čitluk, Mostar region, the vineyard is planted on white soils composed of poor fossil rocks and limestone and enjoys a Mediterranean climate influenced by the proximity to the Adriatic Sea.

The estate

Located on the 43° parallel North, on a latitude that passes through Saint Tropez and Toulon in France, the Brkić estate has been farmed from father to son for three generations, respecting Bosnian traditions.

The vineyard

A family vineyard of just 3 hectares, planted on a limestone plateau in the heights of the town of Čitluk, with confidential production and cultivated biodynamically, with the greatest respect for nature.

The wines

Two endemic varieties of Bosnia and Herzegovina express all their typicality: Žilavka (pronounced “zhee-lav-ka“) in white, and blatina in red. They have been cultivated in the region for over 1,000 years.

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