Europe/Hungary Published on 10/11/2022

Tokaji Aszú, king of wines

Hungary produces an exceptional sweet wine, Tokaji Aszú. Wine of kings, king of wines, this nectar with its golden color and its distinctive aromas continues to inspire connoisseurs.


Aszú“ is a base wine to which aszú berries manually harvested one by one are added, during or after fermentation. Thus, the wine ferments twice, which gives it a unique aromatic richness. Several weeks are needed to pick these grains affected by Botrytis (aka noble rot). A work of craftsmanship and patience, since a seasoned picker only harvests between 12 and 18 kg per day. In comparison, a picker in Champagne cuts around 3,000 wine grapes a day, the equivalent of 400 kg!

In Tokaj, the noble rot caused by the development of the fungus Botrytis cinerea on grape berries has been officially recognized since 1570. Since then, it has never ceased to amaze us.

Classified from Szamorodni (0 to 10 g/l of residual sugar) to Eszencia (minimum 250 g/l of residual sugar), aszú berries determine the quantity of sugar in sweet wines. 

Our last Aszú wine crush: the cuvée Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2008 from Erzsébet Pince. The nose evokes aromas of fresh mushrooms, candied citrus fruits (mandarin, grapefruit), quince jelly and lime blossom. The palate is rich, with a very nice oily texture, candied citrus, quince, white flowers and chestnut notes on the finish.
100% Furmint ; residual sugar: 170 g/l; total acidity: 8.9 g/l; alcohol: 10.5%
Around €35 for 50cl at the estate.

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