Europe/France Published on 16/05/2021

French wine-making know-how shines beyond our borders

From May 13 to 24, French agriculture is highlighted by regional and online events with the aim of supporting meetings and exchanges between the agricultural world and the French. Wine Explorers is used to promote foreign vineyards, now is the opportunity to talk about this French know-how which is exported beyond our borders…


The great French vineyards of the 21st century draw their origin from the wines of our ancestors, the Gauls. In the 1st century, the vines extended into a province of the Roman Empire: Gaul Narbonnaise. The vines will gradually establish themselves in the rest of the territory, especially in the vineyards of Gaillac, Côte-Rôtie and Hermitage1. France thus has more than 2000 years of wine-making know-how! The wine industry in France today represents more than 500,000 jobs2, and it is also the leading French agricultural sector. Many institutes provide training in the culture of the vineyard and the art of winemaking. France is a country of wine-making tradition and its wines enjoy world renown.



This know-how is exported and shared, as with the wine professionals who advise foreign estates. One example is Stéphane Derenoncourt, who supports Nahla and Amine Bahnini from Domaine de Baccari in Morocco in their technical itineraries. The challenge is not to reproduce French wine abroad, but to use the know-how acquired through years of winemaking traditions, research and innovation to benefit the unique terroirs and indigenous grape varieties of regions around the world. France, a reference in wine education, also attracts many future winegrowers from all over the world, who come to train in viticulture and oenology techniques, and take with them a part of this French heritage.


Foreign vineyards also fascinate young French people: Australia, the United States, Spain, South Africa... students who have just graduated in oenology regularly set off to discover new horizons, and there is no shortage of destinations: 88 wine-producing countries open up the field of possibilities!

It was during an internship in Romanian Moldavia that Laurent Pfeffer, a viticulture and oenology student in Bordeaux, fell in love with this great vineyard with its still unknown terroirs. He then founded Domaine Catleya in the Corcova region of Romania. With low-intervention techniques, organic viticulture and respect for balance, this Frenchman has managed in just a few years to produce great wines, sublimating the native Romanian grape varieties such as Fetească Neagră in red, or Fetească Albă and Fetească Regală in white.

At Wine Explorers, we are convinced of the greatness and quality of our French wines. We want to broaden your horizons and help you discover wine in all its dimensions: from the deep-rooted traditions of the Caucasus and Mediterranean vineyards, to the innovations of the northern countries and the new world. The exploration is endless and always a source of inspiration!

(1) To go further, we recommend the comic strip "The incredible history of wine" by Benoist Simmat and Daniel Casanave. 
(2) Source : Comité National des Interprofessions des Vins à appellation d’origine et à indication géographique

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