Europe/France Published on 08/11/2020

The first Wine Explorers nuggets are available!

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Wine Explorers universe and taste our finest wine discoveries. Six wineries from six wine-growing countries open the ball on our e-commerce website. Presentation of these lovingly selected vineyards.


Silvia Heinrich is “THE” great lady of red wine in Austria. Her vineyard, nicknamed the Goldberg and which means the grand cru of reds, culminates at an altitude of 210 meters and runs along the Hungarian border.

It consists of 36 hectares, mainly planted with Blaufränkisch and cultivated in sustainable viticulture on silty-limestone soils. Silvia Heinrich produces pure, generous and very elegant wines. According to her, "intervening as little as possible allows you to get the best from the grapes".
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Located on the 43 ° parallel north, the Brkić wine estate is a real gem!

A confidential vineyard of barely 3 hectares in biodynamics, cultivating two endemic grape varieties of Bosnia and Herzegovina (available on our website) : Žilavka in white and Blatina in red, on terra rossa soils, marly white soils and brown limestone soils. Singular and pure wines without equivalents.
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In 2003, the Barta estate revived one of Tokaj's most majestic and steepest vineyards, the Király-hegy plot, known as the King's Hill.

10 hectares cultivated organically and planted in terraces on tuff and red clay soils with steep slopes. A confidential production, where the Furmint variety expresses all its delicacy. Vinified with spontaneous fermentation, in dry as well as in sweet styles, you can find in this white grape all the magic of Tokaj!
✔️ Find Barta wines here.
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Considered as one of the smallest wine-growing countries in the world (barely 500 hectares of vines), Malta has been producing wine for over 2,000 years.

The Meridiana estate is established on small hills made up of limestone soils, with a blue clay subsoil rich in minerals, which naturally retains moisture. The 17-hectare vineyard, conducted in sustainable viticulture, is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. This brings freshness, complexity and a certain salinity to the wines. Absolutely delicious!
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Located on the same latitude as southern Germany (50th parallel north), the Czech vineyard is one of the northernmost winegrowing regions.

The Sonberk estate owes its name to the Sonberk hill at the foot of which it is planted, and which means the sunny hill. The 45-hectare vineyard, cultivated in sustainable viticulture, is planted on soils of marine sediments and limestone. White wines of great freshness which particularly seduced us for their tension and purity.
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Meeting with Laurent Pfeffer, the oenologist and co-founder of the estate, a Frenchman who literally fell in love with Romania at the end of the 2000s.

Located on the foothills of the Carpathians, on the same parallel as Bordeaux, Catleya estate counts among the most popular vineyards in Romania! The opportunity to discover sublime indigenous grape varieties, such as Feteasca Regală and Feteasca Albă in white or Feteasca Neagră in red. Or even to appreciate more famous grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.
✔️ Find Catleya wines here.
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Stay tuned, each month, new cuvées, new vineyards and/or new countries will enrich the Wine Explorers’ team! Always strictly selected according to our criteria: 100% of vineyards in sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticulture, 100% of exceptional terroirs, 100% of cuvées with unique typicity, 100% committed winegrowers.

It's up to you to taste now, and to become unbeatable about the wines of the world!

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