Europe/France Published on 21/11/2021

3rd successful edition for the fair “Verre le Monde“ in Lyon!

On Saturday, November 20, the Lyonnais Aromo wine bar organized the 3rd edition of "Verre le Monde", a fair dedicated to the wines of the world. The opportunity for us to exchange with wine enthusiasts coming in numbers to discover new nuggets.

Result: a 3rd successful edition, where more than a hundred visitors have come to taste 80 wines from 25 countries. Damien Guillaumot and Frédéric Granados, founders and owners of Aromo, tell us more about this success.

WINE EXPLORERS : Why such a craze on your part for the wines of the world? 
Damien and Frédéric : We wanted to mix our passions: traveling, wine and foreign languages, and it gave the wines of the world! To both of us, we lived in 5 different countries, we speak 4 languages and we understand 6. I (Frédéric) came from the diversity: my mother is Portuguese and my father Spanish! When we set up the project, it seemed to us as an evidence to orient us towards the wines of the world: the wine is the reflection of cultures.

WE : What were you looking for creating this show? 
D. and F. : By creating this show, we wanted to broadcast the wines of the world more widely, to make known the diversity of terroirs, grape varieties, women and men who cultivate them! We had a real desire to travel through wine, to stir up the curiosity and show that even though the wine culture is very important in France, it is a world heritage above all.

WE : Are you satisfied with this 3rd edition? 
D. and F. : Very satisfied, yes. Already for the enthusiasm demonstrated by our importers, who all answered present and who had a crazy desire to enjoy many cuvées. We initially planned 40 wines to be served and we had more than 80 in fine. But it's for the good cause and we are delighted to have share so many beautiful things! Then we were filled with the feedbacks of the visitors, who greatly thanked us from the organization: many have appreciated the friendly and accessible format (welcome in our bar rather than in a large, cold room). They were delighted to have had time to exchange and especially to have seen so many different things about what they are used to drinking. We were surprised to see how much we interested the amateurs until outside Lyon: we even had Swiss that made the trip!

Auspicious for a 4th edition in 2022!

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