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The 1st world census of wine-producing countries 
✔️ For 4 years we have visited every wine producing country
✔️ Discovery of confidential terroirs and exceptional winemakers

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✔️ Each wine is meticulously re-tasted in France by our experts
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The most beautiful discoveries of
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A titanic wine project

To date, the WINE EXPLORERS adventure represents
88 countries explored
970 wineries visited
10150 wines tasted
1 book

✔️ Discoveries 100% WINE EXPLORERS®
✔️ Wines selected with the greatest care
✔️ Bottles coming directly from the estate
✔️Optimal storage at 16 ° C all year-round

✔️ Exceptional terroirs
✔️ Cuvées with unique typicity
✔️ Committed winegrowers
✔️Emotion and pure pleasure!

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