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« In wine, adventures are often limited to exploration of the better known wine regions. Bordeaux goes around the world to sell its wines without knowing who are its competitors of tomorrow and even today’s. The world of wine is not confined to Europe, the USA and some New World countries, if indeed there is a new world. Many of us on this planet are producing wines of varying quality, but often with the same goal : to give pleasure. If there is a fundamental law (unwritten) about wine is that the notion of pleasure is intimately related to our business and that it is international. The support of Lafon Rochet to the WINE Explorers’ project is a willingness to support not only an original but unique project which is likely to bring and to provide opportunities for exchanges between producers of the same product on the same planet. It would not be logical for us who have the opportunity to export to fifty countries not to participate. My children are too young, but if one of them had introduced me to a project like this, I would have probably kissed him on both cheeks and wished him my best to fulfill this incredible idea. Best wishes and good luck! »

Basile Tesseron, Manager 

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« How not to support this kind of project! A project which ultimately can help us to better understand our environment. A project whose values are close to ours : curiosity, openness, encounters, discoveries, cultures and ultimately, sharing. Accompanying this project is giving a chance to all these little known vineyards to be discovered and appreciated. It is giving a chance to every wine lover, to our customers, to enrich their knowledge and thus their attachment to our good wines, whether produced at Château Calon Segur or elsewhere ! It is our history and our culture of which it is question. Our responsibility as wine professionals is to share this heritage and above all to transmit it. Good trip Gentlemen ! Share with us ! Thank you in advance. »

Laurent Dufau, Manager

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