“The wine planet is an infinite playground which we explore with love to find wines that will make you vibrate“

Jean-Baptiste Ancelot, founder of Wine Explorers

Our motivation

To find unique wines for you from all over the world, meeting passionate winegrowers, discovering unknown terroirs.

Who we are ?

Our playground

The 90 countries making up the world of wine today and that we have been traveling relentlessly for almost 4 years, outside the beaten path.

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"Together, let’s learn a little more about the world of wine every day"
To date, Wine Explorers is an unprecedented project in the history of wine.

A titanic wine project

An unprecedented adventure to highlight the richness of the world's vineyards, reveal the unknown and most original wines.
88 countries explored
548 wineries visited
6872 wines tasted
395180 km traveled

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